Tensions High As Casey Anthony Trial Gets Underway

The atmosphere was tense at the courthouse as testimony began in the murder trial of Casey Anthony. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Tempers flared at the Casey Anthony trial as her legal team tangled with a reporter as they were pushing through the crowds of media outside the courthouse.

"You are committing an assault. Get the hell out of my way," one lawyer said.

Moments later a cart full of legal documents was overturned in the crowd.

Then defense attorney Jose Baez collided with a reporter.  

"He just walked by and elbowed me, come on! Is that how a professional acts, Jose Baez? The f-bombs and the pushing? You just stuck your elbow out and you elbowed me," the reporter said.

Tensions were high following the defense's sensational claims that Caylee accidentally drowned in a swimming pool and that Casey's father George Anthony covered up the death.

"Your daughter's attorney says that you found little Caylee dead in that swimming pool. Is there any truth to that story?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked him.

"No, there's not," said George.

"Did your client have any role in covering up the death of little Caylee?" Boyd asked.

"Absolutely not, it's a travesty that was even said," said George's lawyer.

And there was more drama in court today as the prosecution portrayed Casey as a freewheeling party girl, drinking and dancing at a night club, organizing parties, even taking part in a hot body contest, showing no outward signs that her 2-year-old daughter was dead.

26-year-old Maria Kissh testified that she partied with Casey. After one night of partying she became concerned about what had happened to Caylee.     

"I asked her where Caylee was," she told the court.

"And what did she tell you?" the attorney asked.

"She told me that she was spending the weekend at the beach with the nanny," said Kissh.

In fact, Caylee was already dead.