Former High School Sweethearts Reconnect After Death of Their Spouses, Rekindle Their Love

They posed for a photo with their grown son.

Former high school sweethearts have fallen in love again after going their separate ways more than two decades ago.

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To mark their rekindled romance, Rebecca Hayes and David Ward and their grown-up son posed for a photo that was 21 years in the making.

“It was never a thought in my mind that this would happen again,” Ward told Inside Edition as the photo was snapped.

“Is this real? Is this actually happening?” an astonished Hayes added.

The couple split after dating in high school. She later found out she was pregnant with their son but the pair had already moved on, later marrying other people.

Sadly, both Ward and Hayes lost their respective spouses to illness, and found solace in each other.

“She knew exactly what to say because she went through it,” he recalled.

They had always remained close because of their son, Clayton, but suddenly found themselves falling for each other again.

“We took Clay out for his 21st birthday,” she said. “It just sort of hit us shortly afterwards.”

They later shared a kiss and it became a case of love conquering grief.

“He makes me feel beautiful and loved every day,” she said.

They decided to celebrate by staging a mock newborn photo session.

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"I said, 'How funny would it be if we did that newborn photo shoot that we never got?'” Rebecca said.

Photographer Duffi Crowson, a lifelong friend of hers, was asked to capture the scene. She called it the “weirdest request I have ever gotten."

They wrapped Clayton in a baby blanket and swaddled him for the bizarre shoot.

Their photos from the shoot went viral and became a picture-perfect way to celebrate their second chance at love.

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