Toddler Steals the Show as She Climbs on News Desk During Live Interview

Little Iris made the show all about her as she climbed on ITV host Alastair Stewart's desk.

A 2-year-old stole the show during a live interview, interrupting a TV presenter while climbing on his desk and dancing around the studio.

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Iris can be seen stretching her leg as if she were practicing ballet, and then hoisting herself up onto the news desk for a little song and dance number.

Alastair Stewart, the host of England’s ITV news show, tries to keep his composure as the child ran around while he interviewed Iris' mom and brother about milk allergies.

Iris' mom had a hard time keeping a straight face.

The child's antics are a reminiscent of the little girl who captured hearts around the world earlier this year when she crashed her dad's interview on live TV during a BBC interview about South Korea.

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Professor Robert Kelly did his best to shoo the 4-year-old away and continue talking as his 9-month-old added to the ruckus when he entered the room.

The professor’s wife then came flying in to get the kids out.

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