Couple Says Jesus Appeared in Their Baby's Sonogram

Alicia Zeek and Zac Smith claim Jesus popped up in their child's sonogram.

A Pennsylvania couple says a fuzzy spot on their daughter’s ultrasound is Jesus Christ keeping watch over their little one.

“It was perfectly clear,” dad Zac Smith told Thursday.

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“I was shocked; I couldn’t believe it,” said mom Alicia Zeek. The couple spoke from their hospital room, one day after Zeek gave birth to a healthy girl, Briella Angel-Marie Smith.

The mother had experienced difficulties in two previous pregnancies. Her first child, a daughter, was born with two thumbs on one hand and her second, a son, had a cleft palate.

Her third pregnancy was marked by preeclampsia and the couple fretted about the health of the fetus.

“Her blood pressure was through the roof,” Smith said. “Our nerves were just wrecked.”

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Until they saw the ultrasound, they said. To them, it appeared Jesus was looking straight at Briella.

“We knew we were OK. We were so relieved,” he said.

Their family “was in shock. They definitely told us somebody was watching over her,” he said. “We’re really blessed. We’re just really blessed.”

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