Waitress Receives $1,200 Tip After Generous Diners Ask, 'Do You Believe in God?'

The diners said God had led them to gift the money to a stranger who touched their hearts.

After a New Jersey waitress was asked, “Do you believe in God?” she received a blessing from above when diners left an incredibly generous $1,200 tip.

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Brianna Siegel, of Woodbridge, told WCBS she was waiting tables at a local bar when couple in their 20s came in for happy hour.

After ordering two burgers and two drinks, Siegel said, “they turned to me and said, ‘Do you believe in God?’”

She responded that she did and continued on with her shift.

After Siegel handed the couple their bill for $20, she noticed that they had left an envelope with instructions not to open it until she left the bar’s parking lot.

Thinking it was a prayer card, she waited until she arrived at her boyfriend’s house to see what was inside.

That’s when she saw the check for $1,200 made out to her, along with a note.

“It says, ‘P.S. Whenever it gets hard, know God got you,’” she said. “I didn’t know if it was real or if it was a scam.”

When her manager Brent Ruhkamp heard about her special tip, he said Siegel deserved every penny.

“Our motto here is ‘Work hard, have fun, make money,’” Ruhkamp said. “Brianna is obviously doing a great job of that right now.”

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The generous couple, who wished to remain anonymous, said God led them to gift the money to a stranger that touched their hearts.

Siegel now plans to save the money for nursing school.

"There are true caring people out in this world," she said. "They want to help me and they don’t even know me."

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