Man Climbs Onto Tow Truck in Bid to Stop Car From Being Repossessed

Snoop Dogg was right - there is so much drama in the LBC.

A California man's desperate attempt to stop the repo man from taking his car turned into a wild ride that was caught on camera.

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In the video, the owner of a red Nissan Altima is seen climbing onto the back of the tow truck in an attempt to stop his vehicle from getting repossessed.

The guy who jumped on the tow truck, Jason Reid, told Inside Edition that he was a little over a month behind in his $392 monthly payments.

According to reports, Reid was using a crowbar to smash in the rear window as the tow truck traveled from Compton to Long Beach, Calif.

The car on the tow was fishtailing as the tow-truck driver swerves through the streets.

The tires ripped off the car and sparks flew from the rims as the vehicle was dragged across the pavement.

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For 10 full minutes, the tow truck kept going with the Altima owner on the back the whole time.

Cops eventually pulled the tow truck over and it was only then that Reid finally jumped down.

The car owner told Inside Edition he tried unsuccessfully to persuade the repo driver to wait for police to arrive before towing his vehicle. He says he jumped onto the tow truck because he believed the repo driver was simply "in the wrong."

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