6-Year-Old With Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy Defies All Odds by Completing Triathlon

Daisy Mason, 6, swam, rode a tricycle and pushed her wheelchair all the way to the finishing line.

Completing a triathlon may be a difficult task, but 6-year-old Daisy, who has cerebral palsy, made it look easy.

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“She’s done an amazing job and we couldn’t be any more proud of her,” her beaming mom Lucy Mason, 36, of Norfolk, England, told SWNS. “This shows what motivation and a loving home can really do.”

Although Daisy, 6, was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy as a baby, she completed a 500-foot swim, a 0.5-mile tricycle ride, and a 2-mile wheelchair portion all the way to the finish line, with a little help from her dad.

"We're so proud of our little girl,” her dad, Adam Mason, 32, said. “"She did absolutely brilliantly and everybody was so happy for her. She's a medical wonder.”

After an IVF pregnancy, Daisy was born 12 weeks early.

Her parents were hopeful she would be fine, until she was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy at 11 months old.

“At the time, it was at quite a high level they thought,” Lucy said. “They thought that she wouldn’t ever walk or talk or crawl or anything really.”

Doctors prepared them for the fact that Daisy might spend her life in a wheelchair and use a feeding tube. They were also doubtful that she would ever speak.

But, Lucy said she refused to accept her daughter had reached her full potential, and played CDs for her every night, hoping she would eventually be able to repeat the words.

“Over time, she started mimicking the sounds, just the movements of the mouth and we could see it was working,” her mom said.

At 3 years old, Daisy had her first taste of solid food.

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While doctors predicted Daisy may never develop beyond a typical 4-year-old, completing the triathlon has proven that her parents’ hard work has paid off.

The family even plans on attending the next one, this time, bringing a team of friends and family for support.

"There's something about her that is almost overwhelmingly magical,” her dad said.

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