Mom of Girl Forced Into Split Details Anguish as It's Revealed Coach Was Fired From Last Job

Video emerged this week purporting to show a cheerleading coach using a controversial practice known as "breaking."

The mom of a Colorado cheerleader seen crying out in agony as she's forced into a painful split in a shocking video is opening up about the ordeal, as more details are revealed about the coach's past.

Ally Wakefield, a 13-year-old freshman cheerleader, was seen screaming in a 24-second clip that left viewers across America horrified. It's hard for anyone to watch, but even more so for her mother, Kristen.

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"The doctor said 100 percent that the injury she sustained was directly caused by the coach's knee on the back of her thigh, forcing it the floor," Kristen Wakefield told CBS News. "She said that it could possibly fracture the pelvic system and reproductive organs as well."

The mother said her Ally left the practice with torn muscle tissue and a pulled hamstring.

"I was horrified," Wakefield told CBS. "My daughter showed them to me while I was driving... I almost hit a car and ran off the road."

And as more video emerged of the squad appearing to be forced to take part in the excruciating "breaking" practice, the coach in the video, Ozell Williams, is defending himself.

Williams says the video is being taken out of context and that he "would love to tell my story but I can't say anything else at this time."

Williams also runs a non-profit called Mile-High Tumblers, whose website makes the claim that he is an "Olympic athlete." However, a spokesperson for USA Gymnastics says "nobody has ever heard of him."

Also revealed in the wake of the controversy is Williams' reported history with another school's gymnastic squad.

Inside Edition has learned that Williams was let go from a similar job in Boulder for engaging in the same tactics. That school's principal sent a note to parents saying, "Unfortunately, [Williams] had connections to our cheerleading squad."

The Denver Police Department says they are investigating the incident depicted in the stomach-turning video that emerged over the course of the last week.

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As for Ally, she's taking away an important lesson.

"The world is a scary place and people you think you can trust, you can't always," she said. "You just have to trust your gut feeling."

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