Doctors Warn of 'Dangerous Mismatch' in Mayweather-McGregor Fight: 'We Are All Worried'

A-list names like Charlize Theron, Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx are expected to attend the much-hyped match.

There is growing concern over this weekend's much-hyped fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor as some doctors are concerned about the risk of one of the fighters suffering a serious injury.

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"We are worried that someone is going to get so seriously hurt it's going to affect them for the rest of their lives," Association of Ringside Physicians board member Dr. Rick Weinstein told Inside Edition. 

Big names like Charlize Theron, Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx are expected to attend Saturday’s clash at The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

McGregor is a mixed martial arts champ and Saturday's bout will be his first-ever boxing match. He's facing off against a man who is considered the greatest boxer of his generation.

Now, 100 doctors from the Association of Ringside Physicians are warning that McGregor is out of his league and that the fight could be a "dangerous mismatch."

"Someone who is the master of one sport should not be fighting someone who is the master of a different sport," Dr. Weinstein told Inside Edition. "You don't have a soccer player playing basketball against someone and expect it to be a fair fight." 

McGregor, of course, can't kick or use his elbows in the fight like he does in the UFC. However, he's 29, 12 years younger than 40-year-old Mayweather.

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McGregor is 5-foot, nine inches tall and Mayweather is 5-foot, eight inches.

Both men have been in each other's faces for weeks as they hyped the fight at press conferences in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Toronto and London.

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