BMW Driver Sues After She Nosedives 7 Stories Off Parking Garage

Christi Bowmer is still recovering from her injuries after she hit the gas instead of the brake and went over the side of the parking garage in Texas.

The Texas woman whose BMW plunged from a parking garage and slammed into the back of a Chevy Tahoe in Austin last month is suing the facility where the incident happened.

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Christi Bowmer still recovering from her severe injuries after her BMW plunged a reported seven stories in the July 13 incident. She says she's lucky to be alive.

"I heard someone in the trauma unit say, 'It is a hot mess in there,'" Bowmer told Inside Edition. 

She usually takes mass transit to her job as an HR manager, but on that day she drove and headed to the Littlefield Garage near her office.

Bowmer was on the seventh story of an open-air parking garage when it happened. She pulled her car into a parking spot along the edge, where there was only cables acting as barriers.

She says her foot slipped off the brake and she accidentally hit the gas, causing her car to slam through the cables and plunge through the air.

“Going over the side — complete terror — you're going seven stories, it's like looking over the abyss,” she told Inside Edition.

After the car fell, witnesses rushed to her aide.

"All the people that came out to help me, I can't express how much I want to say 'thank you',” she emotionally recalled. "I think that angels exist." 

She is suing the company that owns the parking garage for $1 million in damages, alleging it was negligent by not upgrading the cable barrier system.

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The crash was the second time in less than a year that a car has gone over the side of the garage. Last September, an SUV went off the ninth floor but was suspended by a wire. The driver was able to climb to safety.

Bowmer's attorney, Randy Howry, went to the scene with his client and spoke to Inside Edition. 

"Following that accident 10 months ago, all of the cables should have been replaced, tightened," he said. 

Bowmer’s doctors say it's a miracle she's not in a wheelchair, but she has a long road ahead.

"I also fractured my sternum, several ribs, I have a fractured scapula," she said. “I do not want this to happen to anyone else."

Inside Edition’s calls to the garage went unanswered, but after the previous accident, they say they worked with a structural engineer to perform recommended barrier repairs, and the city found them sufficient.

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