Brother of Victim in 'Jenny Jones Murder' Rips Killer as He's Released: 'I Hope You're Sorry' | Inside Edition

Brother of Victim in 'Jenny Jones Murder' Rips Killer as He's Released: 'I Hope You're Sorry'

Scott Amedure was murdered after revealing on "The Jenny Jones Show" that he had a secret crush on the man who would later be his killer.

The brother of a man murdered 22 years ago has a message for his kin’s convicted killer.

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“I hope you're sorry for what you did,” Frank Amedure told Inside Edition after the convicted murderer of his brother Scott was recently paroled in Michigan.

Scott Amedure’s murder transfixed America in 1995 as it was revealed that they had appeared on The Jenny Jones Show days earlier.

The show specialized in edgy topics and ambushing guests.

Jonathan Schmitz, who was told someone had a secret crush on him. He thought it was his friend Donna Riley, but it was actually an acquaintance, Scott Amedure, who was gay.

During the taping of the episode, which never aired, Schmitz appeared to laugh it off, saying he was “definitely heterosexual.”

But three days later, Schmitz showed up to Amedure’s home with a shotgun, and shot him in the chest.
When Schmitz called 911, he said he shot his admirer because he had embarrassed him on national television.

“I think I just shot a man,” Schmitz said in the 911 call. “I think I just shot this guy.”

The criminal trial was televised live on cable TV and raised questions about the ethics of so-called ambush shows

In 1996, Schmitz was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison. The verdict was later overturned on an appeal due to jury selection errors.

In 1999, Schmitz was retried. Again, the verdict was guilty.

At one point, Jones herself appealed to the public, asking that they place blame on no one but the shooter.

“As much as we all regret what happened, the fact is that this tragedy is about the actions of one individual,” she said in a later episode.

The Amedure family sued the show and Jones was put on the witness stand.

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The family was awarded $25 million, although the decision was quashed on appeal.

Attorney Geoffrey Feiger represented the Amedure family.

“The Jenny Jones Show lit the fuse," he said. "They lit the fuse on the wrong guy. Had it not been for the Jenny Jones segment and that ambush this tragedy would not have occurred.”

The Jenny Jones Show was canceled in 2003. She now hosts a cooking show on YouTube, Jenny Can Cook.

Frank Amedure is still coming to terms with the release of his brother's killer.

“My whole family was hurt in their own way,” he told Inside Edition as his voice cracked with emotion. "We will never be the same." 

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