Is This Woman With Ankle-Length Blonde Hair the Real-Life Rapunzel?

Andrea Colson, 33, says the secret to keeping her long locks strong is a spoonful of peanut butter every day.

With strawberry blonde hair measuring 64 inches long, this woman is the closest the world may get to a real-life Rapunzel.

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Andrea Colson, 33, of Micronesia, has been growing her ankle-length hair nearly her entire life.

“The most I’ve ever had taken off is a few inches,” Colson said in an interview with the Press Association. “It would be like cutting off a body part. My hair is what makes me unique.”

Colson, who spends her days working with children, says her hair often reminds people of the movie Tangled.

“Mostly, people are very sweet,” she said. “They often compare me to Rapunzel, which makes my day.”

She explains that her hair care routine includes washing only with cold water, applying coconut oil treatments twice a week, getting a trim every few months and straightening it only once or twice a year.

But the most important part of taking care of her hair is eating a spoonful of peanut butter every day.

“I think the peanut butter has definitely helped,” Colson said. “I notice my hair becoming dry and brittle if I haven’t eaten any.”

Most days, she prefers to wear her hair up, which is only possible with special hair ties.

“If I’m braiding it and can’t reach the bottom, I’ll just wrap it around my neck,” she explained. “It’s hard to keep it up in just one clip of bobby pins, so I have to use a variation of different things to keep it all in place.”

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Drying her hair can also be tricky, she said, explaining she needs to drape it over a pillow and down to the floor to dry overnight, and it can take several days to dry completely.

But for Colson, it's all part of the routine.

“I’m so used to long hair that I don’t find it difficult to manage,” she said.

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