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Hurricane Harvey Forces Couple to Cancel Wedding for Third Time

The third time wasn't the charm for this pair.

A Texas couple has been forced to cancel their wedding for a third time, thanks to Hurricane Harvey.

Jenny Swarers and Dustin Morgan, who live in Orange, Texas, made the tough decision after floodwaters from the storm caused nearly all their guests to cancel on them.

The pair has already been down this road twice. 

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Swarers and Morgan got engaged in 2015 and planned their wedding for April 2016. But when the Sabine River flooded in 2016, just a week before their scheduled wedding date, they had to cancel. 

“My venue was set to be right on that river. They were flooded with six feet of water,” Swarers told Saturday. “I just called the venue up and they were freaking out and I told them, 'Don’t worry about it.'”

Swarers said they rescheduled their wedding at the same venue for the following year. They sent out letters to all of their guests, letting them know about the cancellation.

“I said, ‘Please save the date, next year, same date, same time,’” Swarers said. “It was a mess.”

Swarers said that as the date of the wedding approached, she called the venue to make sure everything was still in place. But the venue had still not finished renovating after the flood, Swarers said. 

“They said there was no way possible they would be open fully by the time we wanted to have the wedding,” Swarers said. 

The couple then decided to reschedule at a venue by the water in Lake Charles, La., but Hurricane Harvey had other plans.

Most of the couple's guests who were scheduled to attend Saturday's wedding are from the Texas area.

“When this hurricane came through, everyone started canceling. Even our preacher canceled on us,” Swarers said. “After he canceled, everyone else started canceling.”

The couple’s confirmed guest list went from 150 people to 15. 

“I said, ‘There’s no reason to have this anymore,’” Swarers said. 

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The couple said they are making sure that their next wedding venue won't be flooded. 

"If we have to go up to the mountains or a desert, whatever we have to do, it won't be near water,” Swarers said.

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