Touching Photo Captures Woman Viewing Total Solar Eclipse With Her Elderly Father

He suffered a stroke four years ago.

A Tennessee woman was able to take in a special moment with her elderly father as they watched Monday's total solar eclipse together.

A touching photo shows Hedy Morrison, 66, sitting with her father, 93-year-old Will Roberts, in Nashville as he leaned back on her in his wheelchair.

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She held his eclipse glasses to his face during the rare event.

“I knew the only way for him to get the full effect of the eclipse was for him to lean back. And so I just pulled my chair behind him and set the chair in my lap so he’d be able to see,” Morrison told “We got to watch the whole thing.”

Roberts suffered a stroke four years ago and hasn’t been the same since, Morrison explained. Before the stroke, he was an avid traveler and square dancer who loved to play bridge.

Morrison said it was the first total solar eclipse that her dad had seen in his lifetime, although they’d seen a partial eclipse together in the 80s. She was glad that her father was still alive to witness it.

“Ever since his stroke, we celebrate every occasion because you just never know,” Morrison said. “We say he’s got lots of will power.”

Morrison’s daughter, Molly Morrison, said the experience was amazing.

“I think it’s kind of a once and a lifetime opportunity to have it come right over your house. We were just in awe of it. I mean, pictures and videos do a lot, but seeing it in person, it’s just so amazing,” she said.

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Since his stroke, Hedy Morrison said her father has remained a kind man and she’s thankful to give back to him.

“In a heartbeat, everything changed, but he is the sweetest, most patient man,” Morrison added. “He’s pretty special to us all.”

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