Rescuers Free Kitten Trapped in Car Engine After Driver Hears Its Faint Meows

The kitten was trapped for hours.

A kitten trapped near a car’s engine in China was eventually rescued from the vehicle after the driver heard its tiny meows.

The unidentified owner of the car said she heard the cat on her drive home but couldn’t figure out where the sounds were coming from.

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She remembered that a mother cat had followed her car for miles that morning and she felt certain a kitten was trapped inside.

Within minutes, her colleagues and some good Samaritans came to help. They tried with limited tools to locate the kitten and get it out, but all their efforts failed.

"The mother cat had been waiting for the kitten, refusing to go, which indicated that it was still alive, so we would not give up," said car technician Zheng Lu, who played a large role in the rescue.

Although it was getting dark as the hours passed, nobody left the site. Bystanders called a non-profit organization named Sunshine SOS and a car service provider for help.

The professional rescuers jacked up the car and removed its engine protection plate.

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Rescuers finally got hold of the kitten and gently pulled it out.

"I was just eager to get it out as soon as possible," said Shu Tian, deputy head of the Fourth Team, Sunshine SOS.

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