How to Tell if Your Man Might Cheat

INSIDE EDITION talks to a relationship expert about the signs that could indicate your man is cheating on you.

Could Maria Shriver have predicted her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger would cheat with their own maid?

Dr. Wendy Walsh, a Los Angeles relationship expert, says there are signs that men are going to be unfaithful. For starters, check out his SAT scores. That's right! SAT scores.

"Four out of ten men actually have a genetic cheating gene. Studies show that high intelligence is linked to monogamy. Low intelligence is sometimes linked to infidelity. Why? Well, are lower intelligence men more vulnerable to their animal instincts? Who knows?" said Walsh.

Another sign could be how he behaves at work.

"If he's cutting corners at work, or bad talking about colleagues just to get ahead, if he's cheating on his tax return, if he's trying to get out of traffic tickets, this is a guy who doesn't take responsibility for his actions," said Dr. Walsh.

Dr. Walsh also says middle aged men are more likely to cheat. Peter Cook was 47 when he was unfaithful to Christie Brinkley. Senator John Edwards was 55 when he cheated on his wife, Elizabeth.

Dr. Walsh said men don't change. If they cheated once they'll cheat again.

"If a guy cheated before, there's a good chance he'll cheat in the future. If he wasn't commited and empathetic to a prior spouse, he probabaly won't be to his future one," said Walsh.

And finally, your husband's personality could be very telling. Dr. Walsh says guys who are adventurous tend to cheat. And who's more adventurous than an action hero like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

"Guys who crave risky circumstances love affairs because they like walking the dangerous line all the time. If you have a guy who always needs the surge of adrenaline, who's always taking social risks, watch out for him," said Dr. Walsh.