Texas Man Rescues Sister-in-Law and Her Family From Knee-Deep Flood Water

The family's roof also collapsed.

A Texas man has rescued his sister-in-law and her family from their flooded home just outside of Houston in a heroic effort that was caught on video.

Sherina Welch said her sister, Karen Brown, became trapped in her Conroe home Saturday after knee-deep floodwaters caused by Hurricane Harvey took over the ground floor of the house and their roof began to collapse.

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The storm caused massive flooding all around the Houston area and police have had to rescue thousands of residents as many more await help. Harvey has already left at least five people dead.

“Karen is a police dispatcher so she worked all day Saturday but by the time she got home, the water started rising. They had to pile up their mattresses to have a safe place to sit,” Welch told InsideEdition.com.

Karen, who was with her 6-year-old son, DJ, and her husband, Daemon Brown, then called her sister about the situation and Welch’s husband, Cameron Welch, knew he needed to help.

The family had reportedly called 911 and the Coast Guard, but due to endless amount calls for help, they weren’t able to get through.

Cameron Welch, who lives in Dickinson, Texas, knew he needed to do something to help his sister-in-law and asked his friend, Josh, if he could borrow his truck.

“My husband and the neighbor drove over an hour to get to her. They went multiple different ways because the freeways were closed,” Welch said. “By the time they got to the neighborhood, you could only go in by boat.”

Thankfully, someone allowed Cameron to use their boat for the rescue.

In a video captured of the moment, Karen and her son are seen standing in their truck, which was sinking in the home’s front yard as Cameron arrived.

“I am brought to tears as I witness my selfless husband rescue my sister, husband and son,” Welch said in a Facebook post. “This is beyond gut wrenching as Cameron and Josh put their own safety in jeopardy to drive over an hour in devastation to reach her!”

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Thanks to Cameron’s efforts, Welch’s sister and her family are now safe and staying with Welch. Welch is now asking around for donations as her sister’s family was forced to ditch all of their belongings.

“They don’t even have a toothbrush,” Welch said.

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