Does a Slab of Concrete Contain the Remains of a Woman Who Vanished in 1989?

Barbara Elizabeth Miller was declared dead 17 years after she disappeared, but the case is far from closed.

It's a shocking development in the case of a Pennsylvania woman who disappeared in 1989.

Barbara Elizabeth Miller vanished June 30 of that year and has not been seen since.

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Last week, investigators revealed they are trying to determine whether her remains were "fed through a wood chipper and then entombed in the basement of a Pennsylvania duplex," The Associated Press reported.

The announcement came earlier this month after Sunbury Police Chief Tim Miller announced that preliminary results showed the concrete contained wood chips.

Chief Miller added that it is "mere speculation if a wood chipper was or wasn't used. Obviously the presence of wood chips in a concrete wall is highly suspicious."

Police wrote in an affidavit used to obtain a search warrant for the duplex that they believe the then-30-year-old victim may have been killed by her former boyfriend, Joseph Walter "Mike" Egan.

The former Sunbury policeman "is and has been the lead suspect in this case since 1989," according to the affidavit.

"They're way off base," Egan, who has never been charged and denies wrongdoing, told The AP.

The affidavit states that over the years, several people have told police that Egan would talk about driving past his sister's home in Milton to "visit" his "old lady."

It is from that same building where authorities ripped out the slab of cement that is now being examined to find possible human remains.

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The slab came from a small room in the basement that "was very peculiar" with thick concrete walls and an exhaust fan, according to Chief Miller.

This past spring, police were first allowed into the basement, where several cadaver-smelling dogs separately alerted officers of potential human remains.

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