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Meet the Kindhearted Neighbors Opening Their Homes to Those Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

They stepped in with generous invitations as the floodwaters rushed in.

As the devastation of Hurricane Harvey continues to mount, some good Samaritans in the Houston area are not leaving their neighbors behind.

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Beatriz Basaldua opened her home to her neighbors. Ten adults and five children are currently taking shelter on the second floor after the first floor flooded.

“I told them they're welcome to all come and they all came in at the same time,” she told Inside Edition. 

Ted and Leidys Shul also opened their home to their neighbors. There are currently 11 people trapped in the upper floor of their flooded home, including four children.

He said they have a little bit of food but not enough for everybody. 

It was a heartbreaking scene as a Houston resident found his home engulfed in flood waters

Joe Gleason, a producer from KTRK-TV, calmly toured the devastation inside his home.

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He was knee-deep in water as he meandered around his living room. Outside, his backyard looked like a lake of murky water.

The scene at Gleason's home was a common sight in thousands of others across America’s fourth-largest city.

In some neighborhoods, the only way out is by boat. One boat capsized but everyone on board was rescued.

Some families were taken to a shelter at the George R. Brown Convention Center downtown in, of all things, dump trucks.

The center was packed with people who have found themselves without homes.

Clean towels were distributed along with dry, clean clothes and diapers for the little ones. There were free hot meals that were welcomed by all in need.

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