Desperate Harvey Victims Turn to Social Media in Appeals for Help

Facebook and Twitter have become beacons for people in need of assistance in the devastating storm.

Social media has been inundated with cries for help by devastated residents with nowhere else to turn after Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas.

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One photo taken during the catastrophe has touched the hearts of all of Americans.

The image features a small group of elderly ladies, up to their waists in water in a nursing home.

One woman even appears to be knitting as she awaits rescue and there's a cat can be seen staying dry while perched on the back of a sofa.

La vita Bella nursing home in Dickinson Texas is almost underwater with nursing home patients

— Timothy J. McIntosh (@DividendsMGR) August 27, 2017

The photo was tweeted with this urgent message: "La Vita Bella nursing home in Dickinson, Texas, is almost underwater."

Timothy McIntosh, who tweeted the image, is the son-in-law of the nursing home's owner.

“We knew it was a 'life-or-death' situation,” he told Inside Edition. “You're talking about people in wheelchairs, that are on oxygen, and the water is up to their chests.”

They were all lifted to safety by a helicopter.

Social media is flooded with other desperate postings from people pleading for help.

A photo of a stroke victim came with the message: "Can anyone help this elderly bedridden sweet lady? Water is rising around her hospital bed inside her home."

A photo of a little boy trapped on a roof, seeking shelter under a quilt, came with a heartbreaking message posted to Facebook: "Anybody please my friend is losing faith. She feels like they are running out of time. Please she has five kids."

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A frantic plea for help was posted on YouTube in the early hours of Sunday morning with the victim asking, “Could somebody please find me some help? Please!”

A frantic mom posted a photo of the American flag and a Marine Corps flag on her roof, with the message: "Need rescue!! Adult female, 5 yr and 2 yr old." They were ultimately saved.

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