TV Reporter Helps Woman In Labor During Live Coverage of Hurricane Harvey

"I left my mic behind," KTRK reporter Chauncy Glover said on live television. "At this time, it's not about news stories."

Good Samaritans have been credited with saving lives in parts of Texas as Hurricane Harvey continues to lash the Lone Star State, and this TV reporter was no exception.

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KTRK's Chauncy Glover was covering the storm Monday afternoon when he dropped what he was doing to help a woman in labor.

“Someone was running up, screaming and yelling, ‘Hey, my sister’s in labor, my sister’s in labor,’” he reported live. “I left my mic behind. At this time, it’s not about news stories, and you see that she needs help.”

He explained they were originally trying to help an 89-year-old man who had just undergone open heart surgery into an ambulance when, moments after dropping him off somewhere safe, they heard the woman screaming.

“I got her out of the house. I was able to get her feeling comfortable, making sure she’s breathing,” Glover said. “There was no way the ambulance was getting to her house to get her out of there. There’s deep water.”

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He credits his mother for showing him how to care for pregnant women.

"My mom taught me to try to get her in a good comfortable position and out of the house," Glover said.

Once she was more stable, they were able to help her get into a public works van to be transported to Texas Women’s Hospital.

The current condition of the mother and her baby is not clear.

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