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Toddler Caught on Dashcam Footage Walking Into Busy Intersection by Himself

The driver, Leanne Richards, said the boy couldn't have been older than 2 years old.

A tiny tot was caught on dashcam video walking into a busy intersection by himself as witnesses claimed his parents were sitting in a nearby bar.

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Leanne Richards, 23, was driving in Lancashire, England, when she saw the little boy wandering into the dangerous street.

“He seemed around 2 years old and he looked confused,” Richards told Caters News. “Having a child of similar age it really scared me. I just thought his parents would be close behind somewhere, but I never saw anyone.”

Richards said she drove up to the crosswalk slowly with her hazard lights on, and was about to get out of her car to get the boy until a bystander led him to safety.

“The cars were really close, if anyone had come around the corner he wouldn’t have stood a chance because it’s a busy road,” she said. “I was so scared that a car would come round the corner.”

Richards, who has a 15-month-old baby herself, said she then watched the bystander carry the toddler back into the pub.

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She now hopes that sharing this video will encourage other parents to be more cautious and keep a closer eye on their kids.

“I don't understand why they hadn't paid closer attention to him,” she said.

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