Church Hosts Gender Reveal for Couple Expecting Sextuplets: 'It Couldn't Be More Perfect'

The couple already has three boys.

A family of five is about to grow to 11 after Courtney Waldrop became pregnant with sextuplets.

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Courtney and her husband, Eric, already have three boys and wanted one more child to add to their happy family.

After suffering several miscarriages, they turned to fertility treatments. Eventually, she became pregnant with sextuplets.

“We're excited, nervous, overwhelmed,” she told Inside Edition.

The couple, from Albertville, Ala., says they are relying on their faith to get through this high-risk pregnancy and hoping for a girl.

Eric, who owns a landscaping company, and Courtney who's a first grade teacher, are worried about the expenses the pregnancy may bring, as well as the cost of raising all of their children.

Their church, the Solitude Baptist Church, has set up an online donation form on their website to help the family.

“We're prepared as a church to do what help them with food, help them with financial arrangements,” Pastor Joey Cannady told Inside Edition. “We have a team of people already lined up hold babies.

The church also held a fundraiser for the family in the form of a gender reveal celebration, during which it was learned that the Waldrops will be having three boys and three girls.

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“Oh my gosh! I am so excited! Oh my gosh!" the excited mom said. "Three boys and three girls — it couldn’t be more perfect."

To make a donation to the family via the church, click here

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