Texans Form Human Chain to Help Get Pregnant Woman a Ride to Delivery Room - in a Dump Truck

Her healthy baby girl was born a short time later.

Dramatic video shows neighbors forming a human chain to help a nine-months-pregnant woman get a very unorthodox lift to the delivery room during Hurricane Harvey.

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Andrea Smith and her husband, Greg, both doctors, were helped onto a dump truck after flooding ravaged their Houston home Sunday.

The couple, along with Greg’s mother, Sue Chor, who was on hand from Montana to help her son and daughter-in-law, called all of the emergency services they could, including the Coast Guard and National Guard, but said they couldn't get through.

Their apartment complex also houses many medical professionals and they were able to get in touch with some of their neighbors who rushed to help.

As everyone attended to the mom-to-be, Greg and some neighbors flagged down a dump truck that had come to help residents.

That's when the neighbors linked together in a human chain, leading the Smiths to the truck and to safety before they drove off to the hospital.

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The family celebrated the arrival of daughter Adrielle early Monday morning.

They told Inside Edition the ride to the hospital was “bumpy,” but are happy with the way things transpired.

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