Bride Honors Her Late Grandmother by Donning Her Wedding Dress on Her Big Day

She'd known for a long time that she wanted to wear the dress.

Even before she got engaged, Madison Kantzer, knew exactly what dress she’d be wearing on her wedding day.

Kantzer, 29, of Washington, D.C., said she’s always loved the beaded gown her grandmother, Adele Schiff Greene, wore since the moment her mom showed it to her as a teenager.

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She had never met her grandmother because she died when Kantzer's mother was just 14 years old, but the frock had made an impression.

I love the dress," she told "I never really wanted a traditional dress. [My mom] was keeping it a brown paper bag for a long time. “To be honest, even before [me and my husband] started dating I had known my mom had that dress and should I ever get married, that would be the dress that I wanted to wear.”

As soon as she got engaged in December 2015, Kantzer’s mom visited her and brought the 51-year-old dress with her. It fit perfectly. The only thing that needed fixing was some loose beading. They also had to have a slip made to wear under the gown.

Her April 9 wedding to her fiancé Alex wedding went off without a hitch.

“It was special. My mom was really happy,” she said. “It’s pretty cool to be connected to someone who I have heard a lot about.”

Kantzer changed into another Adrianna Papell gown for her reception, so she wouldn't ruin the vintage dress.

Her mother is hoping to one day find out who made the dress. All they know now is that it was purchased in 1966 at Hirshleifers in Manhasset, N.Y.

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Kantzer also hopes to keep the dress in the family.

“I mean I would love to pass it down,” Kantzer said.

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