For the Love of Dogs: Rescuing the 4-Legged Friends Left Stranded by Harvey

In one instance, a dog was left shivering, alone and trapped on the roof of an SUV.

It wasn’t just people in need of rescue from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

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Dedicated saviors have also been risking their lives to save stranded animals.

In one instance, a dog was shivering alone on the roof of an SUV that was surrounded by water, and there was nowhere for him to go.

A group of rescuers on a boat came to save the dog, which snarled at them initially because he did not realize they were there to save him.

They were finally able to get him into the boat and bring him to safety.

It's a common scene playing out across Texas.

Good Samaritans have been pitching in to save pets struggling to stay afloat in the murky waters left by Harvey.

It isn't just dogs and cats being rescued, as a group of cowboys found a corral with a horse that was trapped by the rising water.

They were able to get the gate open and set the horse free. 

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There are so many animals in distress that authorities are taking extraordinary steps to get them out of harm's way by flying them 1,600 miles to New Jersey.

On Tuesday night, 70 dogs from Texas arrived at an airport in Morristown.

“We all see what is on TV, people carrying their pets through floodwaters,” Heather Cammisa, president of St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center told Inside Edition. “Our hearts break for Texas and those families and this is one thing we can do.” 

Some animals will be sent to 15 animal shelters in New Jersey. All are available for adoption. The goal is to free up space in Texas to accommodate an expected influx of animals in distress from the hurricane.

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