Shelters Housing Displaced Harvey Victims Now Flooding: 'Water Is Coming In From Every Angle'

Evacuees at the Bowers Civic Center in Port Arthur had to move to bleachers to stay dry.

Floodwaters are seeping into shelters housing victims of Hurricane Harvey, forcing evacuees to sleep in cots that are barely above water.

The Bowers Civic Center in Port Arthur, Texas, flooded Wednesday after Harvey made landfall again, this time as a tropical storm.

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"Water is coming in from every angle," Beulah Johnson, one of the evacuees, said. "They have snakes in the water. They have large spiders."

Wading through the murky water, Johnson gave Inside Edition a tour of the area.

"You can see all of the cots submerged in water, as well as chairs and trash cans," she said, indicating where families had once slept.

Evacuees were forced to sit in the bleachers so they could stay dry.

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Around her, children could be seen waist-high in the water.

"The little kids should not be in the water, but they have no choice," she said.

The George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston is reportedly filled with nearly 9,000 people, which is nearly double its capacity.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Thursday that about 32,000 people are in shelters across the state.

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