9/11 Skeptic Charlie Sheen a No-Show at Premiere of New World Trade Center Film | Inside Edition

9/11 Skeptic Charlie Sheen a No-Show at Premiere of New World Trade Center Film

Sheen has made multiple TV appearances suggesting the terror attack was a cover-up.

The controversial new movie about September 11, 2001, is supposed to mark Charlie Sheen's dramatic return to the big screen, but he wasn’t even at the premiere.

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The Two-and-a-Half Men actor stars alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Gina Gershon and Luis Guzman in 9/11 the inspiring story of five citizens trapped in an elevator inside the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

The casting of Sheen has come under scrutiny because he's entertained 9/11 conspiracy theories for years.

In 2009, he put out a video directed at President Obama in which he said: “People of the United States and the world demand the truth."

He even appeared on Alex Jones’ radio show, questioning what caused the Twin Towers to fall.

“Call me insane but it sort of looked like those buildings came down in a controlled demolition,” the Men at Work actor said.

When trailer to 9/11 was released earlier in the summer, Twitter reacted in anger.

“A 9/11 movie starring Charlie Sheen has to be the worst one yet,” one comment said.

Guzman, who lost friends in the attack, told Inside Edition it wasn't easy working with Sheen.

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“It was a challenge, but I’m happy to say it came through,” he said.

The movie also stars screen legend Jacqueline Bisset, who described a pleasant working experience with Sheen.

“He was so courteous and nice,” she told Inside Edition.

Sheen has not commented on whether he skipped the premiere because of his past remarks about one of the most tragic days in American history.

9/11 will hit theaters on September 8. 

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