Koala Stuck in Tree Rescued by Students With Canoe in Cute Video

Thankfully he wasn't injured.

A group of students in Australia used a canoe to rescue a koala stuck in a tree.

The students, who were out on a lecture with their professor from Latrobe University, spotted the animal in a tree on the Murray River, where there were minor flood conditions.

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“We stopped on the banks to check a fast flowing section when we saw this koala sitting in the branch of a tree that was surrounded by water,” said student Kirra Coventry.

Coventry said one of the students noticed the koala eyeing a canoe they had on the water as if he wanted to jump aboard, so he pushed the boat closer to the animal.

“The koala jumped onboard straight away to be ferried back to shore,” Coventry said.

In a video captured of the moment, the koala calmly walks off after jumping onto land.

“Once he was back on dry land you could see his back legs were wet so we guessed that he has maybe tried to swim back to shore but decided the current was maybe too strong,” Coventry said.

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The animal even hung out for a bit after the rescue.

“Once back on shore the koala didn’t seem worried about us being there at all and stuck around for a while, taking a drink from the river,” Coventry said.

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