Arrest Made in 1999 Cold Case Murder of Prosecutor Found Dead in Bathtub

Robert Williams, 70, was arrested Tuesday in connection with the the death of Rebecca Bartee.

A major development came in a Colorado cold case murder this week when a suspect was arrested more than 18 years later.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 70-year-old Robert Williams in the 1999 murder of Rebecca Bartee.

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The body of the 41-year-old county prosecutor was discovered in the bathtub of her apartment, where she was reportedly positioned to make her death appear to be a suicide.

Bartee's relatives told The Denver Post that a pill bottle holding anti-depressant medication was on the edge of the bathroom sink next to the body. Bartee's head was submerged near the drain.

A glass of red wine was reportedly left on a small table in the living room, though no lip or finger prints were found on the glass.

An autopsy later revealed Bartee had consumed no wine and no bottles were found in the home.

Williams and Bartee were living in the same apartment complex when Bartee's body was discovered in June 1999. He was still living in the complex when he was arrested Monday, according to CBS Denver.

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Williams' arrest came after a tipster contacted law enforcement through a CBS Denver reporter, according to a sheriff's office release. 

The arrest affidavit has been sealed.

"We, along with the victim’s family, are thankful someone came forward with new information, even after 18 years," the sheriff's office said.

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