Student Body: Teen Gets Breast Implants for Her First Year of College

She was self-conscious about her flat chest, but now she is ready to take on college with her new figure.

An incoming college freshman who was self-conscious about her A-cup chest has undergone breast augmentation just in time for her first day of college.

Erandeeny Valencia had been begging her mom for implants after she endured teasing from high school classmates over her figure. 

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“I don't feel confident,” Erandeeny told Inside Edition.

The Los Angeles teen felt uncomfortable in bathing suits and dresses, and said she wished she had cleavage to fill out the attire.

Erandeeny’s mom, Monica, refused to agree to the procedure for years, but finally relented and decided to provide her daughter a graduation gift after her daughter explained how common the practice has become.

Earlier this summer, Erandeeny visited Orange County plastic surgeon, Dr. Burr Von Maur of CosmetiCare, who doesn't see the implants as an ethical issue.

“As long as she understands everything and everything is explained to her, it is totally safe,” Von Maur told Inside Edition.

The doctor added that he prefers that his patients be 18 years or older for the procedure.

Inside Edition followed Erandeeny on the day of her surgery, and she was thrilled.

“I am going to be like a brand new person as soon as I walk out,” she said.

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Monica kissed her daughter as she left for the operating room. The surgery took about an hour.

Now, Erandeeny is showing off her new figure and says she is looking forward to starting school with her new confidence.

“I feel really good," she told Inside Edition. "Really happy."

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