Teens Save Dad When Truck Rolls Onto His Head in Freak Accident: 'I Shouldn't Be Here'

Bob Staub said he made poor decision after poor decision and ended up with a truck tire on his head.

A 14-year-old boy from Tennessee helped save his dad's life when a truck rolled on top of him.

“I still can’t believe it,” Bob Staub, the teen's dad, told InsideEdition.com Thursday, describing a freak accident that resulted in his face being trapped under the tire of his truck.

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Asked what happened, Staub replied, “I’m an idiot. That’s what happened.”

Staub, his son, Nick, and two of Nick’s buddies had gone fishing last weekend at Tunica Lake. At the end of the day they were loading Staub’s boat onto a trailer to pull it from the water.

But the transmission on Staub’s truck was stuck in “park” – something that happened a few times lately, he said. “I knew where to reach under the vehicle and disengage the thing,” he said.

So that’s what he did. Except he forgot to pull the emergency brake.

“My head was three inches from the tire,” Staub said. Then the wheels began to roll down the boat ramp.

“I must have one hell of a hard head because my head was stopping the truck from going backwards,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nick and his friends were freaking out. They tried to push the vehicle up the ramp, but their wet feet kept slipping on the ramp, Nick said.

They finally got enough purchase to nudge the truck a few inches, and Staub was able to jerk away.

“I jumped to my feet,” he said. He didn’t want the boys to worry.

“These poor kids were just shaking,” he said. “They had enough sense to do the right thing.”

He knows he is extremely lucky. “My head could have been crushed right there in front of my son,” he said.

He went to an emergency room and underwent CAT scans and x-rays, but everything was fine, he said.

His ear was ripped up, but doctors sewed it back together.

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He’s got cuts and bruises and “you can almost see the tire mark on the side of my face,” he said.

But that is the full extent of his injuries.

“I shouldn’t be here,” he said. “Those guys are heroes.”

And his truck, he said, is now in the shop, getting its transmission fixed.

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