Woman Auctioning Off Note From Jimi Hendrix She Received 50 Years Ago as 'Awestruck' Teen

This British woman was just 19 when Jimi Hendrix struck up a conversation with her, and now she's auctioning off a note from him.

A note from Jimi Hendrix to an "awestruck" 19-year-old is up for sale.

Anthea Connell says she was dating a bassist in a band opening for Hendrix in 1967, and sitting in a British venue watching them set up.

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She was the only female in the room, she said. Hendrix walked over and started chatting her up, she said.

She was gobsmacked.

“I wouldn’t be able to tell you what the conversation was about, but I was awestruck by this icon in the music industry coming to talk to me,” she told news agency SWNS.

“It was over my head.”

At one point, he turned to a member of his group and asked for something to write on. On the back of a Fender guitar string packet, he wrote, “To Anthea - Love and kisses to you forever. I wish I could really talk to you. Stay sweet, Jimi Hendrix."

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Now 69, Connell says she is now ready to sell the prized possession, and it will be auctioned on Oct. 23 by Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers in Derbyshire, Britain.

It is expected to fetch between about $2,500 and $3,800.

Hendrix was laid back, she said, and had an “aura” about him.

She hopes to use the money to buy a ticket to New Zealand to visit her cousin.

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