Cash Is Queen: The Lucrative Business Behind Boxing's Ring Girls

Five-time "Ring Girl of the Year" Arianny Celeste says she is a millionaire.

As millions tuned in around the world to watch Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather duke it out in Las Vegas Saturday night, two other moneymakers in the ring didn't even have to throw a punch.

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Jessica Harbor, 26, of California, and Tawny Jordan, 25, of Illinois, were the ring girls for the night, each holding up giant cards to let everyone know what round was coming up — always with a smile. 

Being a ring girl can potentially be very lucrative, according to Arianny Celeste, who has been a major UFC figure in the same role for years.

“I am a millionaire,” she told Inside Edition, adding that the job is “not as glamorous as it looks. It's about having that hustle and that drive."

And Celeste would know, as she has been named “Ring Girl of the Year” five times at the annual World MMA Awards.

While most make $50,000 or so a year for showing up in the ring, many like Celeste, 31, are using the platform to build their personal brands.

She models, has a number of endorsements and also makes TV appearances and fulfills hosting duties, club appearances and meet and greets.

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She has amassed more than 3 million Instagram followers on an account that features mostly sultry photos and motivating fitness videos.


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“I feel very blessed,” Celeste said. “I always want to let girls know it's okay to be sexy but make sure you have something behind that. Have a soul, have a brain."

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