Woman Arrested After Allegedly Tossing Urine on Bus Driver: 'I Almost Felt Like a Celebrity'

Opal Brown is accused of urinating into a cup and throwing it at a Washington, D.C., bus driver before fleeing.

A Washington, D.C., woman who gained viral notoriety after allegedly tossing a cup of her own urine at a bus driver has been arrested.

Metro Transit Police arrested Opal Brown, 38, Wednesday after they say she assaulted a Metrobus operator by throwing her own urine on her last weekend.

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Brown approached the front of the bus Saturday evening and stood in the aisle, holding the cup for a short period of time, according to a statement issued by Metro Police.

When the bus arrived at a stop in Northeast D.C., Brown allegedly threw the urine around the protective shield and onto the bus operator.

Brown then fled the scene, cops say.

The bus operator, an adult female, was taken to a local hospital to be decontaminated.

All Metrobuses are equipped with digital video systems that are constantly recording when the bus is in service and footage of the alleged attack that was released by authorities quickly brought nationwide attention to the case.

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In posts about the incident on an account matching Brown's name and location, the suspect did not appear to be concerned about the effort to find her.

"Ok yall know it was me who did the bad stuff to the metro operator!!!!" reads one post in which Brown says she turned herself in. "I almost felt like a celebrity. It took all of 20 minutes just gotta go to court for the simple 'asult' (sic)."

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