Snooki Crashes Into Police Car in Italy

Snooki made headlines again after crashing into a police car in Italy where she is filming the new season of Jersey Shore. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Another embarrassment for Snooki. She crashed her car into, of all things, a police car. She's walking around Italy today in a neck brace.

"Snooki's a Wreck" reads the front page of the New York Post.

It happened during the cast of Jersey Shore's big trip to Italy where they are filming the fourth season of MTV's hit reality show. Two officers suffered minor injuries, one had to be taken to the hospital in a neck brace.

Police questioned Snooki and gave her a breathalyzer test. The results reportedly show that alcohol was not involved.

This is just the latest mishap for the cast since they came to Florence. Driving has been an ongoing problem. They've already racked up more than $400 in traffic fines.

After all the drama, police in Italy decided not to file charges against Snooki.