4-Year-Old Waves Flag For National Guardsmen Who Helped During Hurricane Harvey

His parents have taught him the importance of military.

In a heartwarming gesture, a 4-year-old Texas boy greeted the National Guard with a show of patriotism.

J.W. Claburn held up an American flag as soon as he saw the National Guard pulling into his neighbor’s home in Richmond, Texas, on Wednesday.

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National Guardsmen were in the area picking up people who wanted to evacuate after a nearby river began flooding due to Hurricane Harvey.

Wes Claburn said he wasn’t surprised at his son’s gesture as he’s always taught him the importance of the military.

“He’s just a sweet and good-hearted kid. He knew it was the military and he knows what the flag represents,” Claburn told InsideEdition.com. “He went and grabbed the flag and started waving it for the National Guardsmen.”

Claburn said that his grandfather was killed in World War II in 1944 before his father was born.

“We’ve let him know how important his great grandfather was to our family. Everybody in my family appreciates the military,” Claburn said.

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And the National Guardsmen appreciated J.W.’s gesture as well.

“They were smiling and making sure that we were okay,” Claburn added.

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