Hundreds of People Displaced By Hurricane Harvey Fed After Couple Postpones Wedding

The food was scheduled to be used for the couple's welcome dinner.

Texas couple Dayna Skolkin and Josh Tillis had planned to hold a welcome dinner for friends and family before their Sunday wedding in Houston but instead, those gourmet meals went to hundreds of Hurricane Harvey victims.

The location of their dinner, which was scheduled for Friday, was the Aishel House, a Houston charity that provides housing and meals to patients getting treatment at Texas Medical Center.

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Skolkin said the charity is close to her heart because her mother, Holly Harwood Skolkin, who passed away five years ago due to breast cancer, helped found it.

So when they found out that the shelter had made the decision last week to use the food from their dinner to feed those displaced by Hurricane Harvey instead, they wasted no time stepping in to help prepare the food.

On Tuesday, after Hurricane Harvey had caused major flooding across the Houston area, Skolkin and Tollis showed up to volunteer.

“My fiancé and I went over there and helped to make the meals,” Skolkin told “Everyone in Houston right now is doing everything we can to try to help. Once we were able to get out there and do something for the community, it felt really amazing.”

The meals consisted of breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh rolls, and fresh vegetables, among other things that were scheduled for the couple’s three-course dinner.

It was delivered to hotels, the George R. Brown Convention Center, and various other places where people were in need of meals across the city.

Skolkin said she was glad the food was able to sustain people.

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“We were very fortunate to fair so lucky in the storm but so many others weren't. It was the obvious decision that we needed to get out and help,” said Skolkin. “It was therapeutic for us to get out of our own personal feelings of sadness to do something productive for the community."

The couple, who met in college and got engaged last September, has postponed their wedding until December.

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