8-Year-Old Boy Dies After Suffering Asthma Attack During Hurricane Harvey

Noah Delgado's mother repeatedly called 911 for help but said her calls went unanswered.

An 8-year-old boy died of an asthma attack after Hurricane Harvey after he couldn’t get treatment in time, according to his family.

Noah Delgado, who was just one week shy of his ninth birthday, was in his Houston home last Monday when he was stricken with a severe asthma attack, reports said.

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His mother, Tina Galan, used Noah’s inhaler to try to calm the attack but to no avail.

Galan said that her repeated calls to 911 went unanswered as authorities fielded thousands of calls during the deadly storm.

“I went outside with him to try and get him some air, thinking it would help. I thought, because the power was out, maybe it was too stuffy inside,” Galan told the New York Post.

Once outside, however, she realized Noah wasn’t breathing.

“I was doing CPR, and trying to get him to inhale the medicine, and the air, trying to get him to inhale anything at all,” Galan told the paper.

A stranger in a truck passing by their home reportedly stopped and picked them up and began driving to the hospital. On the way, they spotted an ambulance, which took them the rest of the way, reports said.

While receiving CPR, one of Noah's lungs collapsed, the family’s GoFundMe said.

Noah was life-flighted from North Cypress Medical Center to Texas Children's Hospital, but there was no room on the helicopter for Noah's mom so a friend drove her to the hospital, she said.

Galan got stuck in the floods along the way but the National Guard assisted them.

Once she arrived at the hospital, doctors told her Noah's diagnosis looked grim. Even if he lived, he’d be brain dead, they told her.

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Noah was in a coma and on life support for three days before he died.

“Noah was loving and energetic, and lit up the room with his presence," he family wrote on the fundraiser."He was loved by all of his teachers and friends. He was a brave young man and loved a challenge. He loved playing video games, watching scary movies, home cooked meals and Pokemon.”

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