Purr-Fect Ending: Stray Kitten Rescued After Shutting Down Traffic on Busy Highway

The police are now asking the public to help name her.

Traffic had to be shut down Sunday after a kitten found her way onto a busy Boston highway.

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Massachusetts State Police say the kitten wanted to play “hide and seek” as she popped in and out of a drain on the Route 90 Connector Tunnel, where drivers called authorities to help the curious feline.

When police arrived with the Animal Rescue League of Boston, they had to shut down traffic to coax the kitten into safety and rescue her.

Police wrote on Facebook the kitten “looks like she has been through a lot, as she has lost quite a bit of fur on her tail from some sort of burn.”

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Her progress is good and will be set up for adoption soon and the state police are in need of help naming her.

They have been fielding possible names on their Facebook page.

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