Twin Sisters Turn to Famed Doctor for Nose Augmentation After Years of Bullying

Dr. Miami is known for live streaming his surgeries.

A pair of twin sisters has turned to a famed doctor to change the facial feature they both dislike.

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Twins Sarah and Samantha Pappas, 20, decided it was time to get their noses done after years of torment in school.

Samantha revealed that some cruel classmates referred to her as "Toucan Sam," the character on the Froot Loops cereal box.

“In high school, my sister and I used to get made fun [of],” she told Inside Edition.

“I cannot tell you how many times we cried about this,” Sarah added.

The girls turned to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the man known as “Dr. Miami,” the social media phenomenon who has more than two million followers and livestreams his surgeries.

Dr. Miami asked the girls what they disliked about their noses and noted it as he prepared them for a recent surgery.

Sarah had her operation first as her sister watched from another room.

As Sarah recovered, Samantha was brought in and her procedure was done.

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Later on, as Samantha was wheeled into recovery, the girls reunited and saw each other for the first time with their new look.

“I think your nose looks cute and I probably tell her that every day,” Sarah said.

Samantha added that her “Toucan Sam” nickname will now be gone, thanks to Dr. Miami.

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