Sarah Palin Hits the Road

Sarah Palin stopped in Philadelphia on her "One Nation" bus tour but remains coy about any plans for a presidential bid. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Where in the world is Sarah Palin?

The potential presidential candidate surfaced in Philadelphia where she tweeted a photo of herself and daughter Piper checking out the Liberty Bell. It's the latest stop on her "One Nation" East Coast bus tour.

The catch? Palin refuses to give any advance notice of where she's headed, leaving reporters scrambling to track her whereabouts.

Daily Beast reporter Shushannah Walshe is part of the caravan of reporters following Palin's bus. "She is the only person that could have press everywhere, chasing her every move," Walshe says.

Tuesday morning, Palin was spotted touring the historic Gettysburg battleground. She also tweeted a photo of herself having coffee with two supporters in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. Incredibly, the media had no idea she was heading there.

But with Palin keeping her next destination top secret, the cat-and-mouse game continues. Palin only allowed Fox News Channel, for which she is a commentator, access to her tour bus. She told the network: "I don't think I owe the mainstream media anything. I want them to do a little bit of work on a tour like this, and that would include not necessarily telling them beforehand where every stop will be."

How does Michelle Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite, feel about going head to head with Sarah Palin for the presidency? In an interview with Good Morning America, Bachmann said that there's plenty of room for both she and Palin to run.

"I like Sarah Palin a lot, we're friends," Bachmann said, "And I don't consider her a competitor, I consider her a friend."

Palin remains coy about whether or not she plans to run for presidential office, but if this wild chase is any clue into what her campaign could look like, it will certainly be one crazy ride.