Volunteers With Supplies Turned Away From Harvey-Ravaged Region by Cop: 'We've Had Enough'

The two volunteers, who had driven down from Illinois, were told they didn't have proper permits.

As recovery efforts have been underway for more than a week in portions of Texas walloped by Hurricane Harvey, an ill-tempered police officer was seen turning away two volunteers who came from Illinois to help.

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The volunteers had driven 16 hours with emergency supplies loaded on swamp budgies, which are vehicles that can drive through flood zones.

When they reached the town of Vidor, Texas, over the weekend, they were told they were not welcome because the vehicles needed special permits

As they pleaded with the officer and let him know they were there to help, he became more irate.

“My patience is running thin because my house if flooded too and I’ve got to be out helping people. I appreciate that you're here, but we've had enough,” the cop said.

Vidor police say the man is not a member of their police department and the volunteers should not have been turned away.

Over Labor Day weekend, first lady Melania Trump returned to Texas with the president and wore another pair of high heels as she left Washington for the Lone Star State.

She took a lot of heat last week for wearing heels, although she changed into sensible sneakers before arriving in Texas.

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This time, she is being praised for her defiance on social media.

“Melania stayed true to herself and to hell with haters," one person wrote. "Love her!"

"Good for Melania!" another added.

She's even winning support from the women of The View, which began its 21st season Tuesday.

Whoopi Goldberg, who is celebrating her 10th year on the show, said that as long as Melania is there to try and help people, “I don’t care what she wears."

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