Dead Body Found Stashed in Refrigerator That Was Left on City Street

A man on his way to work in Ontario, Calif., made the gruesome discovery.

A California man made a gruesome discovery as he found a dead body while on his way to work.

It all started when Steven Kelly spotted an abandoned refrigerator In the middle of the street in the city of Ontario at about 6 a.m.

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Even more bizarre was what he found inside the appliance: A dead body.

"I noticed there was an object inside it, and on closer inspection, I noticed it was a dead body inside the thing," Kelly told KCBS.

Kelly said the dead man, since identified as 36-year-old Jason Daniel Garcia, looked oddly peaceful. 

"I didn't see any bodily injury or damage, so there wasn't anything gruesome really," Kelly said. "It just kind of looked like a mannequin."

Police aren't sure how long the man from Downey was in the refrigerator and have not released a cause of death.

However, it is believed that area surveillance footage captured a white pickup truck that may have been driving with a refrigerator in its bed prior to Kelly's grim find.

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Investigators are now canvassing area businesses and residences in search of answers.

Anyone with information or possible video in the area has been asked to contact Det. Robert Marquez at 909-395-2777 or Ontario police at 909-986-6711. Anonymous tips can be made to at 800-78-CRIME.

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