Utah Cop Accused of Manhandling Nurse Fired From Second Job as Ambulance Driver

Jeff Payne was fired from his after-hours gig driving an ambulance over comments he made in the now-infamous July 26 video from Salt Lake City.

The Utah cop who has faced widespread scrutiny after he was filmed allegedly manhandling a nurse has been fired from his side job.

Jeff Payne moonlighted as an ambulance driver up until Tuesday, when his part-time employer revealed he'd been fired over of comments he appears to make in the now-infamous footage.

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Gold Cross Ambulance president Mike Moffitt told Reuters that the comments suggested Payne would bring transients to University of Utah Hospital while transporting “good” patients to another facility.

The comments are alleged to have been made during a confrontation with nurse Alex Wubbels, who refuses in the video to take blood from an unconscious patient despite Payne's repeated demands.

“Those remarks are just not reflective of our company’s philosophy and the service we provide and because of that behavior we felt we had to separate ways,” Moffitt said. “His comments reflected poorly on the company and violated several company policies.”

Prior controversy has surrounded what some say was Payne's rough — and unlawful — arrest of Wubbels, who was never charged.

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The Salt Lake City mayor and police chief have both since apologized for the incident. 

Payne remains on administrative leave as an internal investigation is conducted. 

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