3-Year-Old Poses as Pennywise the Clown From Stephen King's 'It' in Chilling Photo Shoot

Eagan Tilghman, 17, said he photographed his little brother after painting his face and making a costume out of different clothes around the house.

Don’t you want a balloon?

As the remake of Stephen King's It hits theaters this weekend, new photos of Pennywise the Dancing Clown have emerged, this time portrayed by a 3-year-old Mississippi boy.

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Eagan Tilghman, 17, of Meridian, recruited his younger brother, Louie, to pose as the clown in his latest photo shoot.

“He loves doing all the photo shoots," Tilghman told InsideEdition.com. “You tell him to do his happy face and you tell him to do his mean face, and that’s the two faces he did in all the pictures.”

Tilghman, who is known among his seven younger brothers and sisters for putting together elaborate photo shoots, said he spent about 30 minutes painting Louie’s face and fashioned a costume out of different clothes and fabrics they could find around the house.

“The collar was an upside-down dress,” he explained.

While Louie and their mom couldn’t get enough of the look, Tilghman said his 1-year-old sister was a little spooked.

“She was a little bit [unsure] but she eventually realized it was Louie,” he said.

The teen photographer said he has been looking forward to seeing the upcoming horror movie since the film was announced last year.

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“I’ve been waiting on it,” Tilghman said. “Ever since I heard it was coming, I’ve been ready.”

To add to his excitement, Tilghman said the movie’s director, Andy Muschietti, liked a picture from his Pennywise photo shoot on Instagram.

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