Kalamazoo Shooting Victim Abbie Kopf Goes Back to School: 'She Was Very Nervous'

Abbie Kopf, who was shot in the head during the Kalamazoo massacre, returned to school this week.

After being shot in the head and nearly losing her life, 15-year-old Abbie Kopf has returned to classes, just in time to start high school.

The youngest survivor of last year’s Kalamazoo shooting massacre, Abbie has fought hard to recover from a bullet that shattered part of her skull and left her on life support.

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She has endured surgeries to repair her skull, including a plate that replaced lost bone.

“She was very nervous, but she did very well,” mom Vickie Kopf told InsideEdition.com in a brief message after her daughter’s first day at Harper Creek High School.

“Abbie had a good day... but a very stressful one,” the mother said.

The teen is one of just two survivors in the February 2016 rampage that left six people dead in Michigan.

The shooting spree occurred at an apartment complex, a car dealership and the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

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Abbie was in a car outside the eatery when shots rang out.

She nearly died on the operating table after being rushed to a hospital.

Jason Brian Dalton, an Uber driver who allegedly took fares between shooting incidents, has been charged with the killings.

He is awaiting trial on 16 felony charges, including six counts of murder.

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