A Lifetime in the Making: 4 Siblings Meet for the First Time After Decades Apart

It was an event more than 30 years in the making.

Twin sisters adopted at birth more than 20 years ago were stunned to learn they had a brother and sister they had never met before.

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Lauren Rutherford and Ashley Bo learned only a few weeks ago that they had siblings – Christina Housel, who lives in Washington state, and Lyle James Berryman, who lives in Arizona.

Housel and Berryman met in June after years of searching. As they reunited, he informed his long-lost sister that they were not alone and there were twins they were related to.

Inside Edition helped reunite the four siblings, who recently all met for the first time.

The brother and sisters were immediately struck by how much they all look alike and exchanged hugs that were decades in the making.

The story of their reunion began after Housel, who was adopted at birth, became a mom. She searched online to learn about her background and was shocked as she learned she had a brother.

“I think he was pretty skeptical,” she told Inside Edition. “Meeting him and comparing him to me is just mind-blowing."

“When I saw [her] photo, I knew she was my sister,” Berryman added. “She looks like me.”

Unlike Housel, Berryman knew his mother as a young child. He said that before she died, she told him he also had twin sisters.

Determined to find them, Berryman and Housel took to Facebook, posing for a photo while holding signs.

Housel's read: "Just met after 30 years."

Berryman's added: "Still looking for twin girls born in Florida around May or April 1992-94."

The photo went viral, and eventually reached Bo and Rutherford.

"I was like, 'Is this my older sister?'” Bo said.

“It was like, ‘Holy cow, could this really be them?'" Rutherford added.

When they all linked up, the four siblings compared childhood photos and the twins saw pictures of their birth mother for the first time.

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“It just kind of hits you because you are actually looking at her pictures,” Bo said, fighting back tears.

The siblings also learned of another bond, the military.

Housel joined the Navy, while Berryman served in Iraq with the U.S. Army. Bo's husband is in the Air Force.

The reunited siblings capped the day with celebratory drinks and new photos to add to their family album.

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