10-Year-Old Twins Joined at the Forehead Desperate to Be Separated by Risky Surgery

The family must raise $100,000 for the surgery, but have not been able to reach the amount despite having saved up for many years.

These 10-year-old conjoined twins are desperate to be separated, despite the risky surgery.

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Joy and Joyce Magsino of the Philippines were born joined at the forehead.

Despite their disability, the twins are like any other girls their age, taking selfies on their cell phones and sharing meals at their local fast food joint.

Over the years, they have also become accustomed to crossing the street together and taking stairs.

But now that they are getting older, their father is desperate to get them the surgery they need to live separate lives.

"The twins have developed a great sense of understanding, but they occasionally fight over doing their preferred activities,” Patrick Magisino, 30, told SWNS. "Joyce has a cleft lip and is dominant of the two twins and usually manages to get her way in most situations.”

Local doctors in the Philippines suggested in 2012 that they undergo a risky surgery, but their parents have not been able to save the nearly $100,000 needed to pay for the operation.

Patrick earns less than $8 a day working at a market, while his wife Jomarie works as a maid overseas.

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The family is now appealing to hospitals around the world to offer them a cheaper and safer alternative.

“I’d be open to any procedure where the safety of both my girls will be ensured,” Patrick said.  

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