Maria Shriver Comforts Her Son

Maria Shriver was seen shopping with her youngest son as Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly becoming more depressed and has hired his own divorce attorney. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Maria Shriver was spotted giving her youngest son, Christopher, a motherly hug as they shopped in the exclusive Brentwood section of Los Angeles.

So what did Mom buy for her son? Christopher left the area with a brand new mini-basketball set.

Christopher, 13, is reportedly taking the scandal especially hard. He and his father's love child with the maid are the same age, and were born just five days apart.

The mother-son day didn't end there: later, Shriver and Christopher went grocery shopping at a Whole Foods Market.

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to be sinking further into a depression, as he finally realizes that his marriage is almost certainly over.

Schwarzenegger has hired his own high-powered divorce lawyer, Bob Kaufman.

Kaufman has reached out to Shriver's attorney, Laura Wasser, and negotiations are said to be taking place.  

In the interim, more information has surfaced about Schwarzenegger's secret son. The London Daily Mail quotes the maid's nephew as saying that the boy was "obsessed" with watching The Terminator. Her nephew insists that the boy had no idea the movie's star was his biological father, and simply knew Schwarzenegger as his mother's boss, "Uncle Arnie."